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WPT Poker Magazine

The WPT Poker Magazine with its valuable poker content is rapidly gaining popularity at the international level. It is a monthly poker magazine, which treats poker fans to the latest poker news, exciting poker strategies, exclusive interviews with popular professional poker players, World Poker Tour (WTP) reports, poker views, poker tips and articles, and much more.

Along with WPT news, the WPT Poker Magazine issues of the past have carried exclusive interviews of top poker pros such as Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, and others. WPT Poker Magazine is something that anybody with the remotest interest in poker must have, and if a poker enthusiast is part of the WPT Club, he/she can easily gain access to the online version of WPT Poker Magazine.

WPT Poker Magazine Contents

The WPT Poker Magazine contains plenty of WPT news, the latest events and offers at top online poker portals, about online poker rooms, live poker tournaments, professional poker players, and much more. In fact, the WPT Poker Magazine contains almost every bit of poker news under the sun, along with a great archive section.

The magazine also offers fabulous features such as exclusive interviews with top poker pros, opinions of great poker destinations worldwide, and much more. Readers can also test their poker knowledge by taking an online poker quiz or two.

Another great feature of the WPT Poker Magazine website is the Players TV, where poker enthusiasts can check out videos of the English Poker Open (2010) and the Party Poker World Open VI (2010) in addition to a number of other events. The WPT Magazine website also offers sections such as Side Action, WPT Academy, WPT Arena, and others.

Since WPT Poker Magazine has a presence on Twitter and Facebook, players can follow it on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest updates.


The subscription rates for this magazine are quite affordable. Canadian readers can subscribe for 13 issues of WPT Poker Magazine for just $29.95 while readers from the UK, Europe, and rest of the world must pay a subscription fee of £27.99, $44.99, and $59.99, respectively. Those interested in subscribing can do so from the WPT Poker Magazine website.


The WPT Poker Readers’ Awards are very famous, giving poker enthusiasts a chance to vote for their favorite players. This is the magazine’s way of rewarding the top achievers at prestigious live and online poker events such as the renowned World Series of Poker also known as the WSOP, the WCOOP, the WPT or the World Poker Tour, FTOPS, European Poker Tour (EPT), the Irish Opens and others.

The award is given away in 10 categories with five nominees for each category. WPT Poker Magazine readers are simply required to vote for their favorite player, but they can cast only one vote for one nominee in each category.

The next step is to send their choice along with their names and addresses to WPT Poker Magazine and they will be entered into a lucky prize draw. The winners of the lucky prize draw stand the chance of collecting some fabulous prizes.