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WPT Boot Camp

The WPT Boot Camp is meant for poker players who want to become better poker players. It gives players ample opportunities to learn more about the game, hone their skills by playing against the pros, learn poker strategies, and generally play a better game of poker. The WPT Boot Camp is a facility that organizes a number of poker courses for its members in exchange for a fee.

Learning More about WPT Boot Camp

Poker players who are interested in the WPT Boot Camp can request a brochure online. All they need to do is fill in a simple form at the WPT Boot Camp website. They need to input their name, country, phone number, email address, and other information before hitting the Submit button. The WPT Boot Camp brochure, with all the required information regarding course schedule, will be sent to them via email.

Alternatively, players can visit the WPT Boot Camp website and check out the schedule section. They can also search for specific courses using criteria such as type of course, locality, and so on.

Players can also learn more by reading testimonials or news on poker magazines such as Poker Pro Magazine, cardplayer.com, pocketfives.com, Ladies Poker Association, bluffmagazine.com, and others.

WPT Boot Camp Courses

The WPT Boot Camp organizes a number of poker courses as follows:

1. 2-Day Tournament Clinic (Alumni Only) – Since this course is a continuation of the Tournament Camp course, it is meant exclusively for Tournament Camp participants, who are giving the opportunity to study the advanced strategies of NL Hold’em from top professional poker players.

2. 2-Day Tournament Camp – This camp guides beginners to the advanced levels of playing poker and includes archived WPT footages, live lectures, and interactive gaming. By the end of this camp, players will learn a lot about tells, strategies, and reads so that they can improve their own game.

3. 2-Day Cash Clinic (Alumni Only) – Since this course is based on the Cash Camp, it is meant for participants of the Cash Camp, enabling them to learn all about NL cash games from professional poker players.

4. 2-Day Ca$H Camp – This camp teaches poker players how to win at NL Hold’em cash games. It teaches the basic differences between cash games and tournaments using sophisticated teaching methods such as live action footage, hands-on labs, real life strategies, and computer simulations.

5. 2-Day Champions Camp – This is an advanced course with intense workshops and tournaments.

6. 2-Day Tournament/Cash Lab Workshop – This is another intensive course for advanced players, focusing on both cash game and tournament strategies.

7. Advanced Tourney Lab Day (Alumni Only) – Participants can now put their learning to practice by playing against the professional poker players.

8. Advanced Cash Lab Day (Alumni Only) – Participants are now given the opportunity to play against the pros using recently learned techniques and strategies.

Reserving a Seat

Seats can be reserved online by filling in a simple online registration form and paying the fees. WPT Boot Camp accepts payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.