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WPT Club Affiliate
World Poker Tour (WPT) Club can make some extra money by becoming a WPT Club affiliate, spreading the news of one of the top online poker experiences in the world, and encouraging new players to become WPT Club members too. Players who have registered as an affiliate of WPT Club will start earning cash as soon as they successfully drive traffic to the WPT Club website. The money-making opportunities with WPT Club’s affiliate program are unlimited.

WPT Club Affiliate Benefits

The benefits of becoming a WPT Club affiliate are many, and here is a list of some of them:

  • Market the WPT Club brand legally to US poker players
  • Enjoy the benefits of an excellent affiliate support system
  • Get regular incentives in the form of bonuses
  • Avail of regularly updated statistics

Besides, promoting WPT Club is quite easy because the brand already has an international presence and is well respected.

WPT Club pays its affiliates 10 percent of the subscription fees paid by referrals throughout the life of that referral. However, WPT Club members need to read and understand the terms and conditions and affiliate agreements carefully before committing themselves.

What is Club WPT?

Club WPT is the window to the prestigious televised poker series, the World Poker Tour (WPT). Besides gaining access to the WPT, players can enjoy access to exclusive interviews with top professional poker players, the Royal Flush Girls, WPT Shows, and many other features.

Members have to subscribe to get the club’s benefits, and VIP members can play for large cash prizes and entries into prestigious live poker tournaments. Club WPT gives its VIP members the chance to win more than $100,000 in cash prizes and sweepstakes prizes every month.

The other highlights of the Club WPT are access to WPT Poker Magazine, Las Vegas discounts, wallpapers, ringtones, special WPT footages, and much more.

Basic Membership

Poker players do not have to pay for a membership at Club WPT because basic membership is absolutely free. With a free membership, players can participate in daily freerolls and gain access to special WPT events. They can also grab the opportunity to learn the game, improve poker skills, and learn strategies.

Here are some of the attractive poker resources available to free members:

  • A poker odds calculator
  • Amanda Leatherman’s “Introduction Into Texas Hold’em”
  • Poker tips, strategies, features, and articles


VIP Membership

A VIP membership is available for a monthly fee of $19.95 or less. VIP members stand the chance of winning more than $100k every month.

Here are some of the benefits for VIP members:

  • Unlimited poker tournament play
  • Chance to win over $100k per month
  • Access to WPT Poker Magazine online
  • Access to ringtones, screensavers, avatars, and wallpapers


Besides, Club WPT members can participate in a wide range of promotions, including over 5,000 online poker tournaments every month, giving them the chance to win prize packages to WPT events and cash, which makes the WPT Club worth promoting.