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The World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League (WPTAPL) is the answer to the prayers of new and seasoned poker players who want to learn poker rules, play against other players in their locality, hone poker skills, and learn how to implement poker strategies. Players do not have to pay a cent to become WPTAPL members because membership is absolutely free. The WPTAPL is available in four countries—USA, Australia, UK, and Canada.


WPTAPL members can play live Texas Hold’em tournaments in any part of the world. The top two players of each WPTAPL tournament win entries to a $500 freeroll tournament. In fact, players can win as much as $2000 every month as they play live poker tournaments, understand the rules, sharpen their skills, and master the strategies. Another highlight of the WPTAPL is its Poker Night food and drink specials.

Finding a WPTAPL live or online event is very easy. All players need to do is use the search bar on the website or log into their accounts. Players who have not yet registered for the service can register free of charge by clicking on the “Sign Up for Free Online” link on the WPTAPL website.

Players who want to participate in a live tournament in their locality can check if there are any live tournaments being played in their locality either by entering their region in the search field or by using the advanced search facility for locating events. WPTAPL organizes not only live and online poker events, but also plenty of local events.


Poker enthusiasts can play for real money prizes, entries to WPTAC events, Platinum perks, and much more. For instance, the top two players of any live WPTAPL event will receive tokens to participate in an online event with large cash prizes. Alternatively, Platinum members can exchange 750 points for a token.

Basic members who upgrade to the Platinum level stand the chance of getting as much as $4,500 in savings, 25 percent discount at the Platinum Store, 6 tokens to freeroll events, the chance to redeem their Platinum Perk Points for tokens to freeroll events, and much more. While basic membership is free, players can always upgrade to Platinum level for $5.95 per month for additional benefits.

Signing Up

A basic membership of WPTAPL is always available for free; all players need to do is register by filling in a simple online registration form. However, basic members will not be eligible for WPTAPL health plans, gain access to tournament results, get bonus prizes at Quarterly Online Tournaments (QORTS), and get the special benefits of Platinum membership.

To get the best of WPTAPL, players must upgrade to the Platinum level; it costs a minimum of $59 per year. The platinum members of WPTAPL can obtain branded products, electronic items, and a number of other exciting items at wholesale rates. Besides, they can gain the benefits of WPTAPL health plans and use their Platinum Membership Cards to gain access to special promotions and discounts at stores all over their country.